One of the hottest Japanese fashion trends to watch for in 2016 is not a specific brand, type of clothing, or makeup look – it’s Genderless boys!

Genderless Kei (“kei” means “style”) blew up in the Japanese media after several top Genderless models appeared in the popular Tokyo Girls Collection 2015 Autumn/Winter fashion show. This new style tribe has been gaining popularity on the street – and social media – ever since.

Technically, the Genderless Kei boom applies to both men and women, but so far Genderless boys have been getting all of the attention.

Yuutaro works as a charisma staff at the popular Harajuku resale boutique San To Nibun No Ichi. His look is cute and childlike, with lots of pastel colors. The legions of teen girls and boys who frequent the shop look to him for inspiration. Like a few of the other models listed here, he has been popular long before Genderless became a buzz word, but the Japanese media has decided that he fits the mold.

The Genderless Kei boom is very new in Japan. As more models join the movement, they’ll likely find new and exciting ways to experiment with fashion unbound by traditional gender rules. We also haven’t heard much from Genderless Kei women thus far – something that will hopefully change in the future.

It’s possible that Genderless Kei is just another fashion trend that will fade away one the initial interest is gone. But it could also be the beginning of a different way for people to look at the rules of fashion in Japan. Either way, it’s already proven itself one of the hottest Japanese fashion trends of 2015 and 2016.

If you’d like to know more about Genderless Kei, you can search for either “ジェンダーレス系” (Genderless Kei) or simply “ジェンダーレス” (Genderless) in Japanese on Google, Instagram, or Twitter.