Masterpieces. Familiar artistic heritages, foundations, collections and international connoisseurship come together for the divulgation of great works.

Fondazione Patrimonio Italia promotes moments of cultural and scientific understanding in Italy and abroad for the study and dissemination of masterpieces of Italian and international art belonging to Italian collections.

The high point of this process is the presentation, in Italy and abroad, of masterpieces – sometimes previously unpublished – of painting, sculpture and objets d’art that have been kept and handed down for a long time, in some cases for centuries, in private collections or, in any case, are not known to the public.

This sometimes involves unveiling true masterpieces of Western art that Italy’s great treasure chest contains and, in part, conceals, among the immense artistic riches of the peninsula.

Centuries of culture and connoisseurship, ancient families, artists and collectors of yesterday and today have stratified an enormous heritage that we intend to study and share with the general public.

The method is that of sharing studies and information in order to maximise the contribution to the understanding of art history, which is still populated by questions that are in part unresolved.

The aim is to undertake a great voyage of knowledge and discovery that combines a love of art and culture with the promotion of this unique country throughout the world: restoration campaigns, publications, exhibitions, symposia, lectures and events are the tools to achieve this.

History is imposing a paradigm shift and Italy’s artistic treasure trove represents an essential strength for the development and evolution – including economic evolution – of this magnificent country.